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We are based in Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia. 


Hi my name is Megan and I run this busy little farm with the help of my amazing family.

Our little 23 acre piece of paradise is located on the slopes of Mt Billy National Park and is lush and fertile. Our land flows down the curves of the hill coming to rest in the old river flats that are covered in a riot of life & colour particularly during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months with lots of blooming dahlias, seasonal flowers and produce grown. With paddocks of blooms surrounded by our beloved Miniature Goats, Miniature Pigs, Harlequin x Mini Meat Sheep, Cows, Chickens, Ducks and Guinea Pigs its quite the spectacle.   

We watch miracles unfold every year when we welcome the new seasons babies, its an incredible gift but can be challenging at times too. We like to find ways of minimizing waste and recycle as much as we can. As such the animals bedding and feed waste materials goes into our extensive flower and veggie beds that then reward us with more food to share with our friends, family and animals and also stunning blooms to sell and keep the farm ticking along. Everything we do goes back into improvements for the property and its occupants, buying hay, feed, vet visits and husbandry supplies as well as providing the best life we can for our children so when you support us we are very grateful as it allows us to keep doing what we love. We've had a registered Miniature Goat Stud since 2013 and have shown our animals very successfully over the years. I am now a qualified judge and quality stock is a huge priority when we selectively breed our stock as well as good friendly temperaments and good milking ability.

We love seeing new families fall in love with all our animals and it brings us a great deal of joy to know they make many wonderful memories for others, just like they do for us.

Our journey is not going to be for everyone as we are a working farm that eat some of the livestock that we produce as well as what we breed for pets but we are happy to share our busy bio diverse little slice of the world with customers that are interested to see exactly what we do.

We sell cut flowers by arrangement straight from the front gate and have a small onsite gift shop with planned extensions for later on this year. I deliver from Encounter Bay to Pt Elliot both flowers and gifts free of charge by arrangement and you can also often find me at the local markets with some of our gifts and bunches of flowers.



Don't hesitate to contact me.

To get specifically what you are after if you decide to add some of our animals to your family, you may need to pop your name down early on our contact list. They can be very popular. Please make sure you have a PIC number before adding livestock to your rural property.

We are proudly registered breeders with  MGA - Miniature Goats Australia and the NDGSA ( Nigerian Dwarf Goat Society of Australia)


Please contact me if you'd like any further information on joining, we are always eager to welcome new members.


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