We are based in Victor Harbor, South Australia. 


Like many people I stumbled upon Australian Miniature Goats by chance. From the day my first two does arrived I was hooked! It's so exciting to be involved in contributing to a breed which is rapidly gaining popularity. The opportunity to source genetics and shape my own herd to reflect the attributes most important to my interests whilst embracing the breed standards and striving for perfection is just exhilirating! Join me and fall in love with these beautiful charismatic little animals.


Please please please do your research to see if these adorable animals will suit your lifestyle before you buy. It is a big commitment and your goat will be relying on you for its health, wellbeing and attention for the rest of its life. The internet is a great place to start. You can also speak to or email breeders and there are some great books available but nothing beats a visit to the stud.

A mini goat may need to have it's feed supplemented with a mix of hay and grain to stay healthy as well as being supplied with mineral blocks and salt licks.  They generally don't thrive on grass alone unless it's of very high quality as their mineral requirements are much higher than other grazing animals such as sheep or cows. So please be prepared to meet your new goat's requirements before bringing them home.

There are a number of dedicated breeders in SA and of course throughout Australia that would welcome you if you decide to start your own herd. Great support and knowledge is available to help you get established. You have but to ask :-)

Please also be aware that there are a number of different breeds currently available in Australia, some of which may have been crossed with larger goats so know what you're buying. They are all beautiful in their own way but If it's advertised as a % find out what the other % is or you may not end up with a true miniature goat. This also goes for sellers claiming what they have is a miniature goat with no proof such as registration papers. I have seen many cases where baby goats are sold as minis then go on to be large when fully grown to unsuspecting buyers.

I can't stress this enough, buy from a registered breeder and GET YOUR PAPERS! If you don't have papers or if the breeder isn't registered the animal has no genetic information you can use to verify its heritage and/or mature height. Ask for copies of CAE & JD testing before purchase or you could end up with an infected animal which could be a death sentence for it and any other ruminant it is in contact with.


Don't hesitate to contact me.

To get specifically what you are after you may need to pop your name down early. These are very popular little animals. If I can't help you with what your are looking for I may be able to get you in touch with another breeder who can.

We are proudly registered breeders with the  MGA - Miniature Goats Australia. I am also a committee member of this association as well as being a member on the DGSA (Dairy Goats Society Australia) South Australian Branch committee.