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Our focus and passion is the Australian Miniature Goat, Australia's original and true mini goat. We are committed to improving, promoting and preserving the breed and exploring the diversity within. As such we do not have any Pygmy or Nigerian x's within the genetics of our herd. We believe in the movement towards establishing the Australian Miniatures as a Pure Breed in its own right and the integrity of the genetics which has got us to within easy reach of this future goal.

We have a few shows and special MGA run events on the calendar this coming year and following on from some extraordinarily successful results last year of which  we are deeply proud. Selection of the 2019 Royal Show team has already commenced with some new faces making their debut ;-) We thoroughly enjoy being involved with these events and catching up with some of our friends, fellow breeders and enthusiasts. Sharing the love of our goats with interested people.

Next kids to arrive are due in February from our studly fellow Danny Boy and we couldn't be any more excited after seeing some of the stunning progeny he's produced so far! We will have another kidding later in the year with the date yet to be decided.

By all means contact me if your interested and pop your name down to be contacted when they arrive. I may be able to introduce you to another breeder if I am unable to help you.

These beautiful little animals make the perfect pets. They are wonderful with children when they are hand reared or dam raised and handled regularly and they make fantastic companions. They are very social animals and must go in pairs unless you have other goats for company. Affectionate, cute, inquisitive and full of character! Each little animal has its own very distinctive personality. Wethers and does make the best pets. Entire bucks are best left for breeding as they can get pretty smelly when they come into rut, we do not sell bucks as pets.


Please be aware that mini goats are not suitable for a residential backyard. 1/4 an acre for a pair of mini goats is the minimum we suggest.

All our young goats are de-horned for their safety and your own. We regularly worm, vaccinate and trim their hooves to help keep them in good condition plus ear tag all our stock as required by law. In additional we also supplement feed our animals when required and allow them 24/7 access to fresh water and mineral blocks/loose minerals which are vital for their continued good health. They must have access to draught free shelter as they hate the rain and can get sick if left in the elements! Young kids also need to be protected from predators like foxes, eagles and dogs.

Miniature goats are perfect on small lifestyle acreage as well as bigger properties and we have found them to be very kind on the fences if they are content with company, routines, food and shelter. They will test them though so they need to be tight and at least 1.2 metres tall and tight enough they can't squeeze underneath. There are some exceptions though, predominantly with bottle babies who seek out your company. You must start with strong fences they cannot get through, under or over because if they can get out it can be an extremely difficult habit to break!!  


You can mix minis with your existing pets as they are very companionable and get along well with most other animals. We have a couple of Sheep, dogs and previously Alpaca guardians that love the goats as they have worked out they get much more attention (and special treats) when the goats are around! Do beware of adult does with kids around though as ours will not tolerate the dogs at this time getting too close. You will still need a minimum of 2 goats though as they are very socially reliant on each other.

These little gems come in a huge variety of shapes and colours and must be under 63.5 cm for a buck or 58cm for does when 3 years of age to be registered as a graded miniature goat with MGA. We are proudly registered with the MGA - Miniature Goats Australia and you can find  very valuable information on their website which can be accessed through our 'Links' page. Being part of this association allows us to show and be involved in some fantastic events and we would recommend you consider joining, even as a social member if you are keen to become involved with this wonderful breed. 

Another love of mine is gardening and the goats help out whenever they can. A little nibble here and the trimming  of a rose bush there...

A home grown veggie patch is a great asset to a goat owner. Nothing and I mean nothing is ever wasted as they love fresh food, but only in small amounts at any one time so you don't upset their tummies. It is not wise to let them gorge themselves on new feed, introduce it slowly otherwise you could really upset the balance of their rumen. Please take care to be familiar with what is toxic to a goat though as it is certainly very false that they can eat anything and some very common plants can be deadly so please BEWARE and always check before giving them anything your not certain of!