Adding Dairy Goats to our farm was bound to happen after working so closely with friends and their beautiful herds over the past few years. We are predominately concentrating on Angalo Nubians but also have a Toggenburg in our herd and gorgeous British Alpine. 

We are miking twice a day at present by hand and almost all the milk is going into our bottle babies and pigs. We drink the creamy milk, make basic cheeses too and I'm looking forward to trying my hand at soap making. These elegant finely tuned 'Ferrari's' of the goat world require a lot more feed and supplements than our minis and careful management as they are production animals and can provide anywhere between 1.5 to 7ltrs a day (some individuals can even provide over 10ltrs each a day)! They are incredibly sweet natured loving animals that are eager to please. They love routine and although we are just finding out feet with them we have already formed a great deal of appreciation and affection for them. Its a new challenge and there's a great deal to learn.

We cannot thank the breeders of our new herd enough for entrusting their animals to our family; Linda Schmidt ~ Briamac Toggenburg Stud, John & Bec Falkenhagen ~ Idealview Dairy and Peter Anderson ~ Burnslea Angalo Nubians.

South Australia has some truly magnificent goat breeders so please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like any more information or would like to locate specific breeds.