We have a powerful line up of different sires to work with as our boys have grown in number and I can't wait to see what we end up with in the future.

I want to breed quality boys that make me proud and stay under height and I believe our stud sire selections will help me to do just that. With brilliant genetic histories and the frame, confirmation and looks to match their pedigrees. Also very excited to grow on a couple of my own bucks to see how they mature!




Nutmeg is a lovely sooky boy that I was lucky enough to acquire early in my breeding program. 

I'm in love with this gorgeous gentleman. A perfect and loving nature, incredible length and spots hidden within his long coat that he often paints his offspring with. He has produced numerous show champions for our stud. 



SIRE: Brythy Park Splinter (B) 61.7cm

DAM: Brythy Park Truffles (A) 57cm

HEIGHT verified at 3 years: 60.7cm

D.O.B: 22.12.12


A very solid and robust buck with a super sweet and gentle nature. Built like a table with his legs in all the right corners. Blue eyes and good thickness developing through his body as he matures.

Legend is a real pleasure to have on the farm and we thank Sandra and her family for allowing us to fly him over the seas from Tassie to come and live with us here. We love this little power pack.


With some very impressive genetics in his history we are very excited about this young bucks future.

SIRE: Australian Champion Craiglea Blinky Bill (PB) 59.9cm

DAM: Kirrasum Kidz Lilly (A) 53.4cm

D.O.B.: 08.09.18


A strong and very impressive young sire that has very confident and easy movement and is maturing into a very sturdy individual. Sweet and gentle natured he is just a pleasure to have as a member of our batcholers squad.

Has had good success in the show ring and has received good praise by the judges at many of the shows hes attended as a junior. Thank you so much to Deanne, Jimmy and Talisha for entrusting your beautiful boy to us. We are super excited to see his progeny this April (2020) and wait very impatiently lol.

SIRE: Fleming Park Nutmeg (A) 60.7cm

DAM: Bucko Star (A) 55.5cm

D.O.B.: 09.08.18


Some of the amazing Bucks we've owned or leased and bred with in the past that have assisted to get us to where we are today.


Some great memories. Many of these Sires have now gone on to assist other studs with their breeding programs.



Boys we have carefully selected to grow on in the hope that they will some day become stud sires of the future.


Lots of potential and some very exciting youngsters here!


Watch this space as these young guys mature as some may become available for sale. We are very proud of these little fellows and look forward to watching them hopefully blossum and make a lasting impact on our stud breeding program and others too.