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Please check back regularly updated 22.02.24

We have beautiful bunches of fresh flowers available most days from $15 including the jar. And bunches of 10 dahlia stems for $25 with larger mixed bunches inc dahlias from $35 atm. You can make an appointment to pick up at the farm and pat a goat whilst I pop the bunch together for you. Just message me on 0427 615 232 or go through our Facebook or Instagram pages to get in touch fast. They can also be delivered free of charge by arrangement (set days & times allocated for deliveries most weeks) from Encounter Bay through to Pt Elliot South Australia. We are also happy to supply parties and weddings or you can buy buckets of fresh flowers by the stem from $2-$5 each and build your own dream arrangements. The jars are a cheap and pretty way to jazz up any table! We can also theme them with decoupage to add even more uniqueness to your decorations. Just let your imagination fly!
We are also often at the Victor Harbor Beachside, Pt Elliot and Goolwa Rotary Markets if you'd like to visit us there. 




Dairy Goats:
1 adorable Saanen
 Dairy doe kid & 1 Saanen x Nubian doe kid $250 each from parents registered with DGSA. 

Guinea Pigs: 
We have Alpaca & Peruvian Guinea Pig babies due from 14.02.24 so keep watch and photos will be added as the litters safety arrive.

All our Australian Miniature & Nigerian Dwarf x kids are sold as bottle babies once well established on the teat at approx 3-4 weeks old, de-budded, castrated if required and given their first glanvac vaccination with second dose supplied. Our next kidding is planned for late March/early April 2024 of Nigerian Dwarf x and Australian Miniatures with some very exciting pairings. 

Registered wethers both breeds are $375 each, Registered Australian Miniature does from $775 each and Registered Nigerian Dwarf % does from $875 each.
We have for sale the girls who were bred by us listed below who are Nigerian Dwarf x Australian Minis that have been running with a 97% Nigerian Dwarf buck so should be pregnant. They are an absolute bargain as their previous owners have found their situation changed and can no longer keep them. A great start for anyone wanting to get into Nigerian Dwarfs.

Peruvina Boar currently in with the girls


Alpaca Boar currently in with the girls

Saanen kid 2.jpg
saanen x Nubian.jpg


Please please please do your research to see if these amazing animals will suit your lifestyle and decide what their function is before you buy. It is a big commitment and your animals will be relying on you for their health, well being and attention for the rest of their lives, whether that be as a pet or production/breeding animal. The internet is a great place to start. You can also speak to or email breeders and there are some great books available but nothing beats a visit to studs and seeing what works for yourself.


We have social days or shows organised for goat owners throughout the year so please ask if your interested in an invitation, we welcome those interested in all breeds at these events.


Please also be aware that there are many different breeds of goat currently available in Australia. They are all beautiful in their own way but be sure of what your buying and ask to see the registration papers if possible. There are lots of different groups too and not all of them with accept papers from different society's so please seek advice.

Sellers often claim what they have is a miniature goat or a pure breed with no proof such as rego papers. I have seen many cases where baby goats are sold as minis when they are actually Rangeland Goats being sold under false advertising. Its buyer beware.

We have a bio security plan specifically tailored to our property and  have decided to vaccinate all the goats joining our herd with the JD vaccine Gudiar and any kids sold will also be raised based on a PIRSA approved kid rearing plan prior and ideally sold prior to being exposed to our general community pastures. We no longer test for JD each year as we've chosen to invest in other I believe more reliable forms of protection for our animals. 

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