We are currently offering a number of  animals for sale, please see details below.


Next kidding season will be in February 2020 so be sure to contact us asap if your interested in the babies as we keep a waiting list.

There are also some other breeders I recommend that have goats currently available and we will all be doing our best to find the perfect homes for the goats by working together. So please if your looking don't hesitate to contact me and I can assist you with getting in touch with them.

I won't lie. This decision is very very difficult and maybe a mistake I'll look back on. But we have decided Galadria can be offered for sale to a loving home that will hopefully continue to show this very successful young lady. She has not put a single hoof wrong this year and has won reserve championships against a large and strong field at most of the shows we have attended. Bottle raised and very very friendly and loving she is often handled by my children at events. We have a large number of does from this line which really has given us some of the best does on our property, in my opinion (Davena is from the same dam as is Beauty). We hope she will take a bit of us with her and go on to really make a difference for another family. She is very loved. $1000.

Briar Rose Galadria

SIRE: Briar Rose Danny

DAM: Bucko Fawnia

D.O.B.: 19.02.2019

Briar Rose Enya

D.O.B: 18/10/2017

SIRE: Bucko Felix 

DAM: Briar Rose Blossum

This young doe just blows me away when I look at her and has already had incredible show results. She kidded for the first time this year and was a very attentive and gentle mother to her gorgeous twins. A striking young doe from one of my favourite lines (her grand dam is Bucko Fawnia). I have retained her daughter from this year and 2 half sisters from her mother. To maintain a manageable herd size though Enya has found herself available due to an udder that has weak side attachment in my view although it functioned perfectly well and she had good supply for her babies. Her Grand Dam at 9 still has one of the best udders in the herd as does her dam who was our biggest milker by far.

Enya is very amicable on the lead and easy to do anything with although won't seek out a pat. Comes for food and is used to being shown. She was the Kid Champion at last years Royal Adelaide Show with a strong field of competitors. She has also been hand mated to Kirrasum Kidz Legend although we can't guarantee pregnancy as she hasn't been scanned, due April 2020. $1000.

Briar Rose Georgina

D.O.B: 13.05.19
SIRE: Briar Rose Edgar
DAM: Briar Rose Davena

Another heartbreaker for me but I'm keeping her twin and have a strict rule on not keeping twins of the same sex, only 1 can stay to keep my herd size from getting out of hand. I try not to break my self imposed restrictions as much as possible to keep management and improvement of the breed at the forefront when making decisions.  

A lot of potential here. Her mum was the Supreme Miniature Exhibit at the Adelaide Royal last year and this young lady reflects many of her qualities. She has been hand reared and is one of the sweetest natured animals I have ever had the pleasure of rearing. There is not a mean bone in her, shes a total love bug and will curl up in your lap if you let her. I retained 11 doelings this year which I've never done in 8 years, not even close so its time to bring that down a little. It reflects how I feel about the quality of these animals this year though. If you meet her you'll adore her, regretful sale $1000.

Briar Rose Gypsey Girl

D.O.B:  06.02.19
SIRE: Briar Rose Danny Boy
DAM: Briar Rose Esmarelda

A very eye catching young doe with good structure. Was retained as I was so pleased with the strength of her hindquarters and had planned to tame her and put her on the show team but I don't have much time at the moment. She was dam raised and is a bit timid and flighty. Will need someone prepared to be patient and quiet with her but I'm confident she will respond well as I've had her on a lead a couple of times already and shes a clever baby girl. A great deal of potential here. $900.

Benclue Destiny

D.O.B: 07.08.19
SIRE: Briar Rose Cooper
DAM: Bucko Lacee

Potential purebred and offering on behalf of Benclue Stud. Destiny comes from a CAE and JD tested negative herd last tested on the 28/6/19. A strong young doeling with lovely colour and a good topline. Her sire Cooper has left a string of Champions in his wake within his progeny. This young lady has a lot of potential and is ready to become a valuable member of a new herd. $900.