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Please check back regularly updated 26.09.23

All our kids are sold as bottle babies once well established on the teat at approx 3 weeks old, de-budded, castrated if required and given their first glanvac vaccination with second dose supplied. Our next kidding is planned for April 2024 of Nigerian Dwarf x and Australian Miniature. 

Registered wethers both breeds are $375 each, Registered Australian Miniature does from $775 each and Registered Nigerian Dwarf % does $1275 each.

16 Piglets have arrived on the 27.07.23 and are now available. 
Older Males also currently available now too from $200 each. They come in a variety of different colours. They can grown between 60-80 odd kgs (knee high). There are no teacup sized pigs available in Australia. We don't plan to have any more litters until 2024. $1
00 each, not desexed. ***5 males still available for sale***

2 adorable Toggenburg Dairy doe kids $650 each registered with DGSA for sale  

Full size Dairy Goats available due to major herd reduction, registered with DGSA:
4 x Anglo Nubian Does, 3 in milk & 
1 x un-related registered buck with USA genetics available $3000 the lot.
You will be hard pressed to find more loving and docile temperaments anywhere in Australia. All the listed animals above are sweet natured girls (as are the bucks) and are very affectionate and easily handled. They are perfect for calm home milkers. They are well breed with superior genetics. We are down scaling our larger dairy goats breeding program as I just don't have enough time to dedicate to the project so my loss is your gain. Please don't ask if you can just have one goat on its own if you don't already have others as the answer will be no I'm sorry. These girls have always been around other goats and that needs to continue into this new chapter of their lives. I am happy to provide ongoing help to the best of my abilities. I know these girls intimetley as they have all been either bottle raised by us or hand milked on a daily basis by me. When they are in milk their diet consists of Oaten hay at lib, lucerne hay and laukes goat grain during milking. They will not thrive on pasture alone. Their protein requirements are high as their production is high. Please contact me if you'd like to inspect.

Guinea Pigs
The blue towels are the boys, $30 each. Multi colour pink towels girls $50 each. 
Long haired guineas need a regular brush but its not difficult to maintain a healthy coat. I use a hairdresser kit purchased from ebay for under $30 that includes a comb and sharp scissors to maintain them. We cut out any matting and keep the hair away from their feet and bottoms. Over summer we cut their coats right off to help keep them cool. You can trim thier claws with human fingernail clippers easily. Look for a cage with good ventilation and shelter from the elements. They can have capsicum every day as need a daily source of vitamin C but they do the best on a grass diet with good quality hay available at all times with about a cup of veggies offered daily and specialised pellets.
Boys can fight if they haven't grown up together so take care with any introductions and make sure you have a separate cage ready if needed for their safety. They can make super affectionate pets though so dont overlook the lads. Multiple sows (females) can be kept together generally peacefully. New litters arriving every few months so check back regularly.
Guineas can be timid at first so don't expect an outgoing pet straight away. Once youve established a bond though and trust with your pet they are such engaging beauties that will often sing to you as soon as they hear you, happily be petted although most don't like initially being picked up. And will fill you with joy when you watch them bounce around a clean cage pop-corning their little
happy dance.





Coronet Sheltie

Coronet Sheltie



Toggy 2023.jpg


Please please please do your research to see if these amazing animals will suit your lifestyle and decide what their function is before you buy. It is a big commitment and your animals will be relying on you for their health, well being and attention for the rest of their lives, whether that be as a pet or production/breeding animal. The internet is a great place to start. You can also speak to or email breeders and there are some great books available but nothing beats a visit to studs and seeing what works for yourself.


We have social days or shows organised for goat owners throughout the year so please ask if your interested in an invitation, we welcome those interested in all breeds at these events.


Please also be aware that there are many different breeds of goat currently available in Australia. They are all beautiful in their own way but be sure of what your buying and ask to see the registration papers if possible. There are lots of different groups too and not all of them with accept papers from different society's so please seek advice.

Sellers often claim what they have is a miniature goat or a pure breed with no proof such as rego papers. I have seen many cases where baby goats are sold as minis when they are actually Rangeland Goats being sold under false advertising. Its buyer beware.

Ask for copies of CAE & JD testing if available and/or vaccination details before purchase but be aware that a negative test does not mean the goat is not a carrier that will show up later in life, its a tool along with assessing risk factors of the individual property and their bio security protocols and neighbours access, water courses etc. Any other programs your breeder may be apart of to help establish the herds health and management status are of a great benefit. We have a bio security plan specifically tailored to our property and  have decided to vaccinate all the goats joining our herd with the JD vaccine Gudiar and any kids sold will also be raised based on a PIRSA approved kid rearing plan prior to being exposed to our pastures. We no longer test for JD each year as we've chosen to invest in other I believe more reliable forms of protection for our animals. We will continue to do CAE spot tests and JD fecals but certainly not every year.

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