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Please check back regularly updated 24.03.23

All our kids are sold as bottle babies once well established on the teat at approx 3 weeks, de-budded, castrated if required and given their first glanvac vaccination if old enough otherwise we will supply a dose. We have Nigerian Dwarf kids due from Mid April 2023 and some Australian Miniatures due from May 2023.

Registered wethers both breeds $350 each, Registered Australian Miniature does from $750 each Registered Nigerian Dwarf % does $1250 each.

Anglo Nubian's, British Alpines, Saanen and Toggenburgs kids are expected from September 2023. Prices for registered does and bucks from $500-$750 each.   

Piglets arriving frequently. Both entire males & female miniatures available now from both Sophie and Percy x Stanley they are $150 each. They come in a variety of different colours. Females can grown between 60-80 odd kgs (knee high) and males up to approx 100kgs (mid thigh high). There are no teacup sized pigs available in Australia. We are expecting multiple litters this year. Photos below of the current litters available.

Australian Miniature Buck $500
Briar Rose Shazam D.O.B.: 09.09.20
Sire: Briar Rose Everest (PB 53.5cm)
Dam: Briar Rose Florance (PB 49cm)

Powerful mature buck with great strength of bone, 
good testicles and impressive pedigree. An asset to a herd
seeking good conformation and length of rib with strength
through the forequarters. 

Nigerian Dwarf x Australian Miniature doe $1250
Briar Rose Aurora ND 37.
5% poll & blue eyes D.O.B.: 08.10.22
Sire: BDF Ceilo ND 75%
Dam: Briar Rose Heaven Sent

Aurora is a very sweet natured baby girl that's affectionate and changing
rapidly as she grows. Her mother had a very tidy little udder and her

grand dam, great grand dam and great great grand dam were all
exceptional milk producing dams within our herd. Strong udders that
never broke down even in their senior years. Expecting great thing from
this special girl.

Guinea Pigs

The blue towels are the boys, $35 each. Bright pink towels girls $50 each. Alpaca and Texel coat types currently available with rex & sheltie litters due any day now. The top 2 boys are really strongly bonded and need to stay together.
Long haired guineas need a regular brush but its not difficult to maintain a healthy coat. I use a hairdresser kit purchased from ebay for under $30 that includes a comb and sharp scissors to maintain them. We cut out any matting and keep the hair away from their feet and bottoms. Over summer we cut their coats right off to help keep them cool. You can trim thier claws with human finger clippers easily. 
Boys can fight if they haven't grown up together so take care with any introductions and make sure you have a seperate cage ready if needed for their safety. They can make super affectionate pets though so dont overlook the lads. Multiple sows (females)can be kept together generally peacefully. New litters arriving every few months so check back regulalry.

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