Please check back regularly updated 25.06.22.

We will often have dairy or dairy x weaner calves for sale as we try to raise a group of 5 or more every 6 weeks on our lush goats milk and will occasionally have pigs or dairy goat wethers available for meat or pets please enquire if you'd like more info. 

All our kids are sold as bottle babies once well established on the teat, de budded, castrated if required and given their first glanvac vaccination.

We will have our next registered Australian Miniature kids being born from November 2022. Wethers $300 each, does from $750 each. Registered Nigerian Dwarf % kids due from October 2022. Wethers $300 each, does from $1500 each

Anglo Nubian's, British Alpines, Saanen and Toggenburgs kids are planned from July/August onwards, 2022. Prices for registered does and bucks from $550 each and if your interested in bulk wethers they start at $50 each for 5+ but they must be collected asap not de budded as price will go up each week we have to bottle feed them 

Piglets arriving frequently. Both males & female miniature types are $150 each. Please contact me for individual photos as they come in a variety of different colours. Females can grown between 60-80 odd kgs (knee high) and males up to approx 100kgs (mid thigh high). There are no teacup sized pigs available in Australia.

Available now...

Calves from $650 each for 4 Fresian Weaner steers, $750 each for 3 x 10 month old Dexter x Aussie red steers, (very friendly great for a hobby block), $850 for 2 x 6 month old Fresian Steers.

1 x Australian Miniature Buck $750 Briar Rose Shazam (photos to come)

2 x beautiful friendly mature sows that have been wonderful mothers to multiple litters $450 the pair (photos to come)