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Our Australian Miniature Goat kids are arriving now and being selected fast just 4 does left to kid, only bottle babies will be available. We will have a few does due to kid in April 2022 

Anglo Nubian's, British Alpines & Toggenburgs have finished arriving for 2021.

Piglets arrived 05.10.21 3 males left
$150 each at weaning in 4-5 weeks

Piglets 2.jpg

Promising young does that are available for $750 each (minimum of 2 to go together as they have grown up as a very strongly bonded group), fully registered with MGA &  papers will be provided at time of sale, de horned, vaccinated, foot trimmed and parents tested negative to CAE & JD within the last 12 months via blood & fecals. They have been bottle raised and are extremely friendly. They can be mated to your buck of choice for an additional $100 agistment/service fee if they remain here until December when they will be 12 months old, great starter herd with various successful bloodlines throughout their genetics. Alternatively we could include an un related buck at a significant discount for you to start a registered breeding herd.





FOR SALE ~ Benclue Cosmic
3 year height 60.9cm  D.O.B.:  09.08.18
Dam:  Bucko Star
Sire: Fleming Park Nutmeg
Cosie has left us with some truly beautiful progeny but its time for him to go and make his mark on a new herd as we have a few too many bucks lol.  He's a powerful lad but easily handled and good with his does, has been shown successfully  too. Strong Hindquarters. $500



Legend 1a.jpg
lEGEND 1.jpg

Kirrasum Kidz Little Legend
 3  year height 59cm D.O.B.: 08.09.21
Dam: Kirrasum Kidz Lilly
Sire: Australian Champion Criaiglea Farm Blinky Bill
A super sweet natured boy  with nice straight legs and beautiful blue eyes. He's left some stunning daughters in our herd but with so many bucks in our paddocks its time for this lovely gentleman to look for some new ladies to love. A very gentle fellow with so much going for him. $1000. 

Practical Magic.jpg

Practical Magic & Pixie Dust
 D.O.B.: 18.09.21
2 beautiful strong and sweet Toggenburg x British Alpine doe sisters. These pretty and well put together little ladies are looking for a new home and should make great house milkers once mature. Could be registered as Index des if interested $800 the pair. 

Rashelle 2.jpg

Burnslea Tanzen, Briar Rose Rashelle & Burnslea Kayne
 All registered with the DGSA
1 milker, 1 goatling (just over a year old doe) and a 3 year old buck being offered at a discount as a trio to help set up a new stud. All very good natured animals. Kayne will jump fences if alongside does on heat but we've had no issues with him since taking the does out of sight with standard 1.2mtr fences. He is an incredibly sweet boy to handle. All beautiful animals just surplus to our needs at this time $1750 for the group. Would consider separating.