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Update 30.04.24 we have 17 piglets!!! They are ready for sale now as they are old enough for weaning and we have both boys and girls available for $150 each.


We have 2 beloved hand raised sows that form the core of our breeding program. Ruby and Nala. They had their first litters in 2023 to our lovely friendly Boar, Stanley and they did an exceptional job co-parenting their piglets and shared feeding duties between them. They had their second litters in July on the same day as each other AGAIN! And co parented their 16 babies, not losing any. 3rd farrowing for the girls in 2024 and they had 18 combined, lost 1 overnight and co parented the rest to weaning again.

Piglets when available are $150 each. They are ear tagged, but not castrated. They come in a variety of different colours and make fun pets or helpful gardeners as they are very strong diggers so are the organic alternative to a rotary hoe. Any piglets that aren't sold are retained in paddocks and free ranged till around 10 months old then then provide delicious meat for the family dressing out between 30-50kgs. They can grown between 60-80 odd kgs (knee high) once mature. 

There are no teacup sized pigs available in Australia. So when considering adding one to your farm please be prepared for the powerful animal they will grow into. They are very smart and with regularl attention can become very friendly. We highly recommend keeping them in electrified fencing with a good strong shelter and immovable water troughs. They will need a muddy wallow over Summer or permanent water source they can bath in as they cant sweat and can overheat. We also use trampolines for additional paddock shade which works well for us.

Pigs are NOT for residential properties, no exceptions. They are social animals that prefer to have a piggy companion so its best if you can accommodate at least 2 that will then form a family. You need a PIC  number for your property for any more than 1 livestock animal in SA as a legal requirement (fees apply):

and also need to be registered with Australian Pork (free): 

Ruby & piglets
Ruby with her litter
Wonky & Winky
Sophies Litter
Sophie & Lacey
Rubyas 13
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